Keyboard shortcuts for Discord

Are you finding the keyboard shortcuts for Discord? Discord provides shortcuts to help you quickly work on documents. Here is the list of all shortcuts that you can use in Discord. This post will help you to check and make your Discord work faster with Most Used.

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General Shortcuts for Discord

Menu DescriptionKeyboard Shortcuts (Windows)
Used to open the overlayCtrl+‘
It used to navigate between the serversCtrl+Alt+↑ ↓
Helps to navigate between the channelsAlt+↑ ↓
To navigate between the unread channelsAlt+Shift+↑ ↓
This key is used to navigate the unread channels with mentionsCtrl+Shift+Alt+↑ ↓
It is used to return the connected audio channelAlt+←
Helps to return the previous audio channelAlt+→
Use this key to mark the server as readShift+Esc
To create a new serverCtrl+Shift+N
Helps to start a direct messageCtrl+k
This key is used to create a private groupCtrl+Shift+T
Used to pins pop-outCtrl+P
Helps to mention pop-outCtrl+I
Switching the channel member listCtrl+U
Used for switching the emoji pickerCtrl+E
Use this key to muteCtrl+Shift+M
It helps to deafenCtrl+Shift+D
This key is used to answer the incoming callCtrl+Enter
To cut the incoming callEsc
Helps to start your call in the private messageCtrl+[
Used to scroll your chat upPage Up
To scroll down by this keyPage Down
By using this key user can jump to your older unread messageShift+Page up
This helps to focus your text areaTab
It is used to upload a fileCtrl+Shift+U
To get helpCtrl+Shift+H
For switching operation, you can use this keyCtrl+0–9
It used to refresh your discordCtrl+R
It is an open developerCtrl+Shift+I
To show the shortcutsCtrl+/

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Well, there you have it, Discord shortcuts list. You might not have known about these shortcuts. If I’ve left important something out in this list, feedback is appreciated and welcome on the Make A Public List.

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