Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts

Learning these shortcuts can save you a lot of time in the long run. Are you searching for the Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcuts?

If you’re interested in Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcuts this is the right place for you. There are many keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and energy when you are working on Sublime Text.

Ctrl+Arrow Left/Arrow RightMove one word left arrow/ right arrow
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow RightMove one sub-word left arrow/ right arrow
Page Up/Page DownMove one page up arrow/ down arrow
Home/EndMove to beginning of line/ end of line
Ctrl+Arrow Up/Arrow DownScroll page up arrow/ down arrow without changing cursor position
Ctrl+MMove to opening bracket of faction, repeat for closing bracket
Ctrl+RShow Function List and navigate
Ctrl+Shift+RShow Function List without changing cursor position
Ctrl+;Go to word in current file
Alt+/+ on Numeric KeypadJump forward/ backwards to/ from previous positions or selections
Ctrl+GGoto line
Ctrl+KCCenter screen to cursor



Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightExtend selection one character left arrow/ right arrow
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightExtend selection one word left arrow/ right arrow
Alt+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightExtend selection one sub-word left arrow/ right arrow
Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow DownExtend selection one line up arrow/ down arrow
Shift+Page Up/Page DownExtend selection one page up arrow/ down arrow
Shift+Home/EndExtend selection to beginning/ end of line
Ctrl+Shift+Home/EndExtend selection to beginning of file/ end of file
Ctrl+ASelect All
Ctrl+LSelect Line,
Ctrl+DSelect current word, continue press D for expanding selection. Then continue in multi-line editing mode
Alt+F3Select all occurrences of current word, then continue in multi-line editing mode
Ctrl+Shift+LWith multiple lines selected – enter multi-line editing mode.
EscCancel Selection
Ctrl+Shift+JSelect lines in this indention
Ctrl+Shift+AExpand Selection
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceExpand selection
Ctrl+Shift+MSelect current function enclosed by brackets or parentheses


Cool Text Manipulation

Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow DownMove line or selection up arrow/ down arrow
Ctrl+EnterInsert line after and position cursor at beginning of new line
Ctrl+EnterInsert line after and position cursor at beginning of new line
Ctrl+JJoin line below at end of current line
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow DownDuplicate lines (on Sublime 3 on Windows this seem to no longer work, try Ctrl+Shift+D instead)
F9Sort Lines case sensitive
Shift+F9Sort Lines case in-sensitive
Ctrl+]/[Indent/ unindent
Ctrl+Shift+DDuplicate line or selection
Ctrl+/Toggle Comment line
Ctrl+Shift+/Toggle Comment block
Ctrl+kuChange selection to Uppercase
Ctrl+KLChange selection to Lowercase
Alt+QWrap lines to 80 characters and remove indent



DeleteDelete character to the right
BackspaceDelete character to the left
Ctrl+BackspaceDelete word to the left
Ctrl+DeleteDelete word to the right
Ctrl+Shift+BackspaceDelete from cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl+Shift+DeleteDelete from cursor to end of line



Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut and Copy without selection takes complete line

Ctrl+Shift+VPaste and match current indention
Ctrl+KVPaste from History


Find and Replace

Ctrl+FStandard Find
Ctrl+HFind and Replace
Ctrl+Shift+FFind and Replace in open tabs/ files and folders
Ctrl+Shift+HReplace next
F3/Shift+F3Find next/ previous
Ctrl+Shift+FCreates file with search results from all open files in new tab
Ctrl+DFind and highlight current word in text
Ctrl+F3Find under
Ctrl+Shift+F3Find under previous
Alt+F3Find all under
Ctrl+ESlurp find string
Ctrl+Shift+ESlurp replace string


Menu Control

Ctrl+Shift+NNew Window
Ctrl+Shift+WClose Window
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+Shift+TReopen last file
Ctrl+NNew file
Ctrl+SSave file
Ctrl+Shift+SSave file as
Ctrl+F4Close File
Ctrl+WClose Sublime


Bookmarks and Marks

Ctrl+F2Toggle Bookmark
F2Go to next bookmark
Shift+F2Go to previous bookmark
Alt+F2Select all bookmarks
Ctrl+KSpaceSet Mark
Ctrl+KASelect to mark
Ctrl+KWDelete to mark
Ctrl+KXSwap with mark



Split Panes

Alt+Shift+1Split layout to 1 pane
Alt+Shift+2Split layout to 2 vertical panes
Alt+Shift+3Split layout to 3 vertical panes
Alt+Shift+4Split layout to 4 vertical panes
Alt+Shift+5Split layout to 2 vertical and 2 horizontal panes
Alt+Shift+8Split layout to 2 horizontal panes
Ctrl+1Focus/ cursor on split pane #1
Ctrl+2Focus/ cursor on split pane #2
Ctrl+3Focus/ cursor on split pane #3
Ctrl+4Focus/ cursor on split pane #4
Ctrl+Shift+1.4New pane in pane #1 thru #4
Ctrl+K, then Arrow Up (with Ctrl pressed)Open new pane, and move current window into new pane
Ctrl+K, then Arrow DownClose current pane
Ctrl+K, then left arrow/Arrow RightMove to next pane to the left arrow/ right arrow
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftOpen new tab in pane to the left arrow/ right arrow\
Alt+10Jump to tab 1..10 in current pane



Ctrl+Shift+[/]Fold/ unfold
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+1.…9Fold by level 1….9
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+JUnfold all
F6Toggle spell checking
Ctrl+F6Find next misspelling
Ctrl+Shift+F6Find previous misspelling
Ctrl+`Toggle Console
Alt+V, then WToggle word wrap – View – Word wrap

Using This Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcut can help you be more productive.

So next time you’re sitting at your computer, take a few minutes to learn some of these essential keyboard shortcuts – your future self will thank you!

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